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Updated Version of the Species Status Information Index Indicator

Monday, July 19, 2021

The MOL team is excited to announce that an updated version of the Species Status Information Index (SSII) is now available! The SSII assesses how well nations’ available biodiversity data covers species’ expected geographic ranges. The SSII has been endorsed by GEO BON, IPBES, and the CBD as a rigorous indicator of species occurrence data gaps. Using the SSII, we assessed the taxonomic and spatial coverage of publicly available biodiversity records available through GBIF. Users can now explore and download national trajectories in closing spatiotemporal biodiversity data gaps from 1950 to present for terrestrial vertebrates. We hope that the SSII, along with other metrics, can help direct future data collection and mobilization to help understand and protect global biodiversity.

Check out the SSII here: